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Monday, June 25, 2012

Download free Game NFS 3 [III] Hot Pursuit Police PC nfs cheats 1998

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nfs cover  3 Hot Pursuit

Screenshot 3 [III] Hot Pursuit

 3 screenshot1

 3 screenshot

The most popular III Hot Pursuit was developed by EA Canada and Published by Electronic Arts in September 27, 1998 for Microsoft Windows (PC). It is also known as Over Driven 3 in Japan. It was the third entry in the series of game but it was the first game that chases by police. The theme remains in North America.
If you are worried and scared to run your favorite sports car at high speed or for accident or for Police for being arrested or black listed then release your desires because 3 allows you to run your car at high speed on very beautiful clean roads. Do not worry because it’s only a game world. NFS 3 Hot Pursuit has the best graphics showing.
It has four different mode of racing.
1. Normal Race: Up to seven other racers will race in circuit (including split screen race) with you. Everything can be customized e.g. number of players, weather mode, traffic, difficulty.
2. Knockout Race: The last positioner will be eliminating one by one. The last two remaining racers will race twice for the wining race.
3. Tournament Race: All sports cars will race. Earn most points by winning the race; the unique thing will be unlocked after it.
4. Hot Pursuit: Drive by selecting the standard sports car in a police-scattered track or Drive Police car and stop all other six sports cars before they finish racing. After completing both aspects, a unique thing will be unlock. It is also is split screen play mode.
This game is much addictive quality because of varied settings. And it has the ability run on internet TCP/IP. Have Fun!

NFS 3 [III] Hot Pursuit Description:
3rd Version of 3 [III] Hot Pursuit released in Japan in 1998 for PC and Playstation.
Published & Developed: Electronic Arts, Inc.
Released: 1998
Platforms: PC & Playstation
Size: 380MB Compressed ISO
Genre: Racing / Driving / Action

3 Cars List:
Almost every following car has showcase and a 360° interior view. But the downloadable cars have not much interior view.
Racing Model:
Ferrari 550 Maranello
Lamborghini Diablo SV
El Niño (Bonus Car)
Italdesign Scighera
Jaguar XJR-15 (Bonus Car)
Lister Storm (Available on Internet)
Lamborghini Countach
Chevrolet Corvette C5
Chevrolet Corvette C4 ZR1 (Wal-Mart PC Release)
Ferrari 355 F1 Spider
Ferrari 456 M GT (Available on Internet)
Aston Martin DB7
Jaguar XK8
Mercedes-Benz SL 600
Jaguar XKR (Available on Internet)
Spectre R42 (Available on Internet)
Ford Falcon GT (Australian)
HSV VT GTS (Australian)

Police Pursuit Vehicles:
Eagle Talon
Ford Crown Victoria
Land Rover Discovery
Ford Falcon EL
Ford Mustang Convertible
Jeep Comanche
Jeep Grand Cherokee
Mercedes-Benz Unimog
Volvo 850

3 Tracks:
Hometown - USA
Redrock Ridge - USA
Atlantica - USA
Rocky Pass - Canada
Country Woods - USA
Lost Canyons - USA
Aquatica - USA
The Summit - Canada
Empire City – USA (bonus track)

3 Cheats
Just enter the code before starting the game race. Enjoy!.
Cheats Effect Cheats Effect
madland All cars fast in single race mode ckjones Colored cars mode
merc Mercedes CLK GTR bonus car dcop Diablo pursuit car
elninor El Niño bonus car ecop El Niño pursuit car
empire Empire City track allcars All cars enabled
gofast All Fast car in single race mode newcars Jaguar XJR-15 & all secret police pursuit cars
jag Jaguar XJR-15 bonus car bullhorn Police yell comments during chase
rushhour Race with more traffic on the road monkey Use manual transmission as if it were an automatic
macr All pursuit mode cars go09 65 Mustang
go10 66 Chevy Pickup go05 71 Plymouth Cuda
go04 BMW 5 Series go13 Caprice Classic Taxi
go03 Cargo Truck go14 Chevy Cargo Van
go17 Crown Victoria Cop Car go08 Ford Full-size Van
go06 Ford Pickup with Camper Shell go19 Grand Am Cop Car
go07 Jeep Cherokee go21 Knock Out Loser Truck
go01 Mazda Miata go18 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cop Car
go11 Range Rover go20 Range Rover Cop Car/Ranger Vehicle
go12 School bus go16 Sedan
go02 Toyota Landcruiser go00 Volvo Convertible
go15 Volvo Station Wagon

3 [III] Hot Pursuit Requirements
  • Windows 98/XP
  • DirectX 5 Higher
  • 4x CDROM
  • Optional TCP/IP networking

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3 [III] Hot Pursuit Free Download

nfs  3 [III] Hot Pursuit Police 1998 PC Free Download
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