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Sunday, June 24, 2012

NFS 2 II SE PC Download 1997 nfs Game cheats

11:22 PM
 2 SE [II] Special Edition Cover

Screenshot 2 SE

nfs 2 screenshot
nfs 2 screenshot2
nfs 2 screenshot3

The II was published by Electronic Arts and developed by EA Canada in April 30, 1997 for Windows (PC). It was the second game in the series of (NFS). Minimum System Requirements are CPU Type: Pentium, CPU Speed: 90 MHz, RAM Required: 16 MB, Hard Disk Space: 10+ MB, Graphics Type: SVGA, Graphics Resolution: 800x600, Direct X 3.0, Color Depth: High Color, keyboard and monitor. The System Requirements are very low as compare to Personal Computers we have in our home.

The theme of this game is to make those persons happy who haven't seen or feel the thrill of sports car racing or the most beautiful tracks in the different places in the world. Especially the tracks are the made for sports cars. And another aspect is to achieve the name in the gaming industry and the wealth also.

The II SE has three different modes of racing a sports car, the first one is Single player(select opposing car and go for race), Second is the Tournament(all cars race with you) and the last one is Knockout(the loser will back off the race one by one). There are two modes of style (arcade & simulations). The NFS II SE allows you to choose your best favorite sport cars and tracks to race. The sport cars are McLaren F1, Ferrari F50, Ford GT90, Jaguar XJ220, Lotus GT1 and Lotus Espirit V8, Italdesign Cala, and the Isdera Commendatore 112i and Ford Indigo is a bonus car that will be an award for you after winning the tournament and other cars can be race by the help of cheats. Tracks are Mystic Peaks, Mediterranean, Proving North Country, Grounds, Outback, and Pacific Spirit (and Monolithic Studios Track will be unlocking after winning the tournament and the knockout or you can simply unlock it by the help of cheats. Is it not enough?? This game can also be played on LAN. Have FUN!

NFS 2 SE Description:
Second Version of 2 SE [II] released in North America in 1997 for PC and Playstation.
Published & Developed: Electronic Arts, Inc.
Released: 1997
Platforms: PC & Playstation
Size: 501MB
Genre: Racing / Driving
Perspective: 1st-Person & 3rd-Person

2 [II] Special Edition Requirements
  • Windows 98/XP
  • DirectX 3
  • 4x CDROM
  • Optional TCP/IP networking

Racing Cars
Isdera Commendatore 112i racing cars, Ford Indigo racing cars, Jaguar XJ220 racing cars, Ford GT90 racing cars, Lotus GT1 racing cars, Lotus Espirit V8 racing cars, McLaren F1 racing cars, Italdesign Cala racing cars, Ferrari F50 racing cars

Hold 'n' in after clicking on RACE to make it night time.
Cheats Effect Cheats Effect
armytruck Army Truck bmw BMW Car
bomber Bomber BFS car bomber A chevy
bus School Bus chase Chase mode
commanche Jeep Commanche drive29 Monolitihic Studios Bus
drive30 Limousine drive31 Citroen 2CV
drive36 Cart drive37 Outhouse
drive38 T-Rex drive39 Cowboy wagon
drive40 Wagon drive41 Souvenier Stand 1
drive42 Souvenier Stand 2 drive43 Souvenier Stand 3
drive44 Log drive45 Monorail
drive46 Hoverpolice drive47 UFO
drive48 Sewage Truck drive49 Snowy Wooden Box 1
drive50 Snowy Wooden Box 2 fzr2000 A futuristic car
go 50 Beer box go18 School bus
go19 Pickup go21 Truck
go23 Blue Sedan go27 Green VW
go28 Grey convertible go31 Mercedes Unimog army truck
go33 Yellow snow truck go34 Tram
go35 Limousine go40 Crate
go41 Hand cart go42 Wooden stand
go43 Tyrannosaurus Rex go44 Wild West wagon
go45 Souvenir stand go46 Souvenir stand
go47 News stand go48 Log
go49 Crate 1 go51 Rock
go[18 - 51] Various Different Objects hollywood Unlock Monolithic Studios Track
jeepyj Jeep YJ landcruiser Toyota Landcruiser
mad Smoking cow tires madland Different colors
mercedes Mercedes Benz miata Mazda Miata
pioneer Upgrades All Pioneer Engine quattro Audi Quattro
rain Rain mode red racer Unlock Ford Indigo
rexrage Dinosaur traffic roadrage Beep horn to crash opponent
rushhour Increased traffic schoolzone School bus traffic
semi Semi slip increase difficulty
slot Slot car mode snowtruck Snowplow
tombstone A Daytona car vanagon Volkswagen Van
vip Limousine traffic volvo Volvo
vwbug Volkswagen Bug vwfb Volkswagen Fastback

Hidden vehicles
Volkswagen Variant racing cars, Citroen 2CV racing cars, BMW 520i racing cars, Mazda MX5 racing cars, Jeep YJ racing cars, Volkswagen Beetle racing cars, Mercedes-Benz SL 500 racing cars, Audi 100 Quattro racing cars, Volkswagen Transporter racing cars, Volvo 850 R racing cars, Yellow School Bus racing cars, Toyota Landcruiser racing cars, Jeep Comanche racing cars

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2 [II] Special Edition

 2 SE [II]
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